Inspired by Oshiroi

Inspired by the opaque white makeup worn by geisha to shield their delicate complexions, scientists at the Tatcha Institute in Tokyo looked to the nourishing, protective power of silk. Combined with Tatcha’s proprietary complex Hadasei-3™ and a blend of pink and gold Japanese pearl powder, this powder gives a soft, radiant finish for a video-friendly glow while the finely milled texture boosts makeup longevity, preventing transfer onto face masks and clothing. Adapting oshiroi’s protective benefits for the 21st century, The Silk Powder acts as an invisible barrier between the skin and the elements.

About the Packaging

Inspired by kaizen, the philosophy of continuous improvement and learning, we are on a journey toward sustainability. Like many products in our collection, The Silk Powder packaging was inspired by traditional Japanese natsume, the small, lacquered containers used to house tea. Marrying traditional craftsmanship with 21st century innovation, The Silk Powder is packaged in mono material polypropylene (PP). While this packaging may feel different from our past presentations, mono material packaging is easier to recycle, and we have made this change in service to our community to support a more sustainable future.