Our Inspiration

When Vicky Tsai first visited Japan, she learned that skincare is about caring—even when it comes to pores. Japanese women would traditionally warm their skin to open congested pores, drawing out oil and sebum for deep purification. The Clarifying Clay Mask was informed by this practice.

From the Shores of Okinawa

Off the southernmost tip of Japan’s mainland lies Okinawa, the home to kucha, a clay found only in the central and southern seas of these islands. This soil was blessed by marine life, enriching it with minerals and nutrients five million years old. For centuries, Okinawan women have cherished this clay as a timeless beauty secret, harnessing its superb oil-absorbing and properties as a hair powder or face mask. We chose this beloved kucha clay to act as the base for this sensorial face mask that will help return harmony to your skin.

The Clarifying Clay Mask