In Japan, the phrase hinou dokon means “skin-mind same root.” The mind-skin connection has been well understood in Japan for centuries, but only recently proven by western science. Skin perceives light, sound, scents, temperature, touch, and even time. It impacts how we think and feel, while your emotions, in turn, are reflected in your skin. You can find proof in the goosebumps that show when you’re nervous or the way your cheeks flush when someone pays you a compliment.


Our Formulas

What you hear, touch, taste, smell, and see impacts your state of mind, which is reflected in your skin. That’s why care for your skin must involve care for all of you. Our skincare is now formulated to provide both physical and emotional benefits, such as a calmer spirit or clearer mind.


Five-sense Rituals

For truly holistic care, we offer research-backed five-sense rituals that encourage a virtuous cycle of well-being to support healthy-looking skin.

Sound Listening to natural sounds like wind, water, and bird song soothe our nervous system, bring us into dynamic balance, and encourage healing.

Touch Research shows that the Japanese ritual of hand healing, teate, activates very slow nerve fibers that result in positive feelings and reduce stress.

Taste Our taste buds are not only connected to nerve fibers, they are also linked with scent receptors, creating a powerful conduit into our state of being.

Sight Sights of nature put us into a state of “soft fascination,” where our minds are at ease in a restorative, non-taxing focus.

Smell Because our skin cells have scent receptors, our whole body can inhale functional fragrances and prompt a waterfall of neurochemicals that promote healing, and boost mood.


Our Well-Being Mentor

Our multisensory approach was informed by Toryo Ito, a Zen monk from Kyoto and longtime friend of Tatcha whose meditation style is rooted in the five senses. “Meditation nudges you to remember what you already know. Activating your senses elevates your awareness of your body and mind, creating harmony between you and your surroundings.”


Our Research

With the knowledge that the skin, brain and body are in constant communication, we are on a journey to further our understanding through scientific research.
In fall 2021, we conducted a neurological study that recorded eye tracking and measured brain waves using EEG instrumentation as participants performed the Indigo Calming Ritual.

The clinical results confirm the Indigo Calming Ritual’s effectiveness in providing a sense of calm and relaxation. After one 16-minute session, participants demonstrated a 21% increase in relaxation and a 17% reduction in mental stress levels.*

*Data represents the average improvement of 50 participants via neuro bio-instrumentation