Your purchase funds education equality for children worldwide.

Tatcha founder, Vicky Tsai, believes beauty begins in the heart and the mind. As a mother, she is committed to creating a better world for her daughter and children around the world. Research has shown that one of the most impactful ways to address systemic inequality is through equal access to a quality education, and for this reason, every Tatcha purchase has supported education equality worldwide.


In 2014, we created the Beautiful Faces, Beautiful Futures fund to help girls stay in school and reach their potential through the Room to Read’s Girl’s Education Program.


As of 31st March 2024, your purchases have helped provide

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Girls’ Education

Room to Read’s Girls’ Education Program ensures that girls build the skills to succeed in school and make key life decisions. Girls’ education breaks the cycle of poverty in one generation. An educated girl is less likely to marry as a child, earns higher wages, & has a healthier family.

Life Skills Education: Teaching life skills such as empathy, critical thinking, and self-efficacy through workshops

Mentorship: Local women mentor students and their families to ensure that girls stay in school and navigate adolescence.

Material Support: Providing material support such as tuition fees, uniforms, safe transportation, and exam preparation services.

Family & Community Engagement: The program holds community meetings where parents and caretakers can discuss the importance of sending girls to school.

Global Literacy ProgramRoom to Read’s Literacy Program supports children as they develop into independent readers and lifelong learners who are breaking the cycle of illiteracy within their own families. The program trains teachers, creates quality books and curricular materials, and establishes libraries filled with diverse children’s books. To date, they’ve published over 4,400 original and adapted children’s books in 52 local languages and distributed more than 39 million books. To better understand where and how Room to Read could add value in the U.S., Tatcha commissioned a feasibility study in 2020 that analyzed the nationwide education landscape and identified geographic areas where our investment will make the greatest impact. Below are some of our findings, along with other relevant statistics on youth literacy. Stay tuned in the coming months for our new program unveiling.

About Room to ReadFounded in 2000, Room to Read is creating a world free of illiteracy and gender inequality. They collaborate with governments and organizations to deliver positive outcomes for children at scale. Room to Read has benefited over 39 million children and has worked in 23 countries and aims to reach 40 million children by 2025.



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