What is the Skin Barrier?

Your skin barrier is the lipid layer of the skin that helps prevent water loss. A weak skin barrier can cause dehydration in skin, which shows through texture and loss of firmness. The skin barrier needs moisture to stay strong, so we included ceramides, palmitic acid, linoleic acid, and phytosterol to replenish lipids to retain hydration in the skin barrier, diminishing the look of dry, fine lines and wrinkles.

The History of Indigo in Japan

During the Edo period in Japan, samurai wore a layer of indigo-dyed cotton beneath their armor to help heal injuries. Known as “Japan blue,” the rich dye was also used for traditional firefighter uniforms and presented to newborns in the form of a blanket—a symbolic testament to its protective qualities.

Finding Calm through Iyashi

In Japan, many unwind at the end of the day with iyashi, the small things that make a big difference in how we feel. Whether it's drinking a cup of tea, climbing into a warm bath, or snuggling with your dog, these simple acts have a positive effect on your mood and your overall well-being. We like to think of the ritual of applying Indigo Overnight Repair each night as an act of iyashi, as the rich cushiony texture lends itself to a sensorial skincare moment while also providing real comfort to your skin.

Indigo Overnight Repair