Gentle Formula, Strong Results

Who says exfoliants have to be harsh? To create the most effective skincare without upsetting the skin’s delicate balance, scientists at the Tatcha Institute in Tokyo put harmony first. Rather than relying on a high percentage of a single ingredient, they believe that a formula is greater than the sum of its parts. Like all Tatcha formulas, The Texture Tonic is crafted from a balance of gently effective Japanese botanicals like mugwort, and proven clinical ingredients like niacinamide. The result is a harmonious yet effective exfoliating treatment that works with skin, not against it, avoiding the irritation and inflammation that can come with harsher formulas.

From Japan With Love

As a part of their daily skincare ritual, Japanese women traditionally applied a watery lotion after their double cleanse to cool, tighten, and balance the complexion without stealing the skin's essential moisture. Informed by this timeless practice, The Texture Tonic is crafted from kind-to-skin ingredients like yomogi, or Japanese mugwort, which visibly calms and reduces redness. A sacred plant used to cleanse the body from the inside out for thousands of years, this wildflower visibly calms skin and reduces redness.